2 Recommended Podcasts

History should be fun to learn.  It should not be a drag.  These two podcasts definitely show how exciting and interesting history really is.  These podcasts are entertaining first and foremost.  You will not feel like you are learning, you will feel your imagination run wild visualizing the interaction of historical characters with their life events.  I cannot recommend these podcasts highly enough.  This is history podcasting at its finest!

  1. Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History http://www.dancarlin.com

Dan Carlin is a master of the spoken word.  His Hardcore History podcast is nothing short of incredible. My favorite is the 3-part series “King of Kings,” which covers the rise of the Persian Cyrus the Great to the death of Macedonian King Alexander the Great and everything in between (you know, like the famous 300 at the battle of Thermopylae.)

2. Daniele Bolelli’s History on Fire http://www.historyonfirepodcast.com

Daniele Bolelli is an interesting guy with a wonderful podcast.  He is a great storyteller.  History on Fire is well worth your time. My favorite episode is of the 10,000 Greek mercenaries running for their lives when the “wrong side” was victorious in a Persian civil war, as told by Xenephon.

To find these and any of the thousands of podcasts directly, simply search your iPod or iPhone’s podcast listings under the purple icon labeled “podcasts.”