History Made Simple

This is the post excerpt.

History Made Simple is a history blog that can help students in 4th grade through College.  HMS can also help teach their parents a thing or two.  If you are interested in history or simply want to learn more history but don’t know where to turn, look no further.

The focus of this blog will be United States history, European history, and a bit of World history thrown in for good measure.

Why is history important?

History is important for students because no matter what subject a student decides to major in at college, history classes will be mandatory at some point.  History is intertwined in all humanities majors and it shows up in many others.

History is important for everybody because having a grounding in history makes one a better citizen of his or her country and a better citizen of the world.

Have fun.  Learn history. Be a better student. Be a better, more well-rounded person.


Author: historymadesimpleblog

I live in Salt Lake City, Utah with my beautiful wife Ashely. I have a BA in History. I am a USAF and US Navy veteran and I currently serve in the Utah National Guard. I am a realtor with Keller Williams South Valley (Riverton, UT) and I am an investor in real estate. If you like my blog or get anything out of it please do one or some of the following: - Go to a thrift store and buy some decent books to donate to your local school. - Please spread my name to anyone in Utah who needs to buy a house, sell a house, or wishes to invest in real estate. jaylalik@kw.com

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